Looking for a space for next ArtHouse3 Pop Up... any ideas? Do tell!

Three-day open house, ArtHousePC, in rustic Polk County - invitation and installation shots below. Click on each image for artist information. Contact kg@arthouse3.com to inquire further and stay tuned for next PopUp Location!

   Images L to R: detail of painting by Blair Updike; "Sightlines" 6' sculpture detail by Charles Parkhill; house railing detail; "C Cup" by George Anderton; photography by Selina Roman.

Home/Studio Gallery set-up for invited guests to see new works by Gwyn Zesch in Ybor City.

Pop up Galleries can temporarily occupy an unclaimed corner, an empty house, an available wall or extra room. Creating the space is all about selection and presentation in limited time. Below (l to r), glimpses of pop-up exhibits organized by ArtHouse3 - Tampa's Spa Jardin on left, a weekend gallery in empty home for sale, and a temporary folk art gift shop/gallery for the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Pete. Let us know if you have a space where art would especially shine for a short while.

Previous Pop-Ups | l to r aboveHouse for Sale (it sold!) weekend exhibit; MarketPlace Interiors Rotating ArtWall; ArtHouse (Tracy Midulla Reller and Suzanne Camp Crosby); Harrison School for the Arts Home Show; works by Lyda Toy at ArtHouse; Kurt Piazza on library wall and Art Icons by Mishou Sanchez commandeering library corner at HCC Dale Mabry; Art Enthusiasts @ ArtHouse on Barcelona Street.

Let us know if you have a space where art could shine for a short while.